Antifungals medicines

Antifungals medicines

The current pace of life is such that we sometimes have no time to listen to ourselves and notice warning signs of the organism. Even when suspicious symptoms become obvious we shrug them off by various excuses. And, meanwhile, itching between the toes and dull nails can be the first signs of fungal infection — a very unpleasant disease that requires careful, precise and durable treatment.

What is fungus? Fungus is a colloquial name of a number of skin (mycoses) and nails (onychomycosis) infections, which are provoked by pathogenic fungi and transmitted from person to person. According to WHO, 20% of the world population, that is every fifth inhabitant of the planet is affected by fungal infection. And in recent years, experts note an increase in the incidence with mycosis not only in adults but also in kids. This condition can and should be cured. A qualified physician can help to choose necessary medications and is able to give an advice on the best pharmacies, tell what a generic is and how to buy medicines online.

You can become sick with it anywhere: at home and in public places. Sometimes it is enough to walk barefoot in the shower at the gym or pool, try on shoes at a store, stand in the solarium with no slippers on, wear somebody’s slippers and in a short time you’ll notice the unpleasant manifestation of the illness. Research within the project "Hot Line" (2001-2002) discovered that 28% of people got sick with this illness in public places. And about a third of the surveyed noted in their environment a sick with a fungal infection, usually among older members of the family. Statistically older people are more prone to have this unpleasant problem. Also, studies show that men suffer from onychomycosis in 1.5-3 times more often than women, but women more frequently seek medical attention.

Even socks made of synthetic or tight closed shoes, which are “not breathing” can trigger the development of fungal infections — while in the residents of India, for example, fungal diseases of the feet and nails are extremely rare, despite the poor health of the population and this is thanks to widespread walking barefoot so the skin of the feet breathes freely.

Special risk groups, according to experts, make members of certain professions. For instance, because of tight shoes military are more likely to suffer from fungus. And athletes often injure nails, spend much time in the locker rooms and showers of gyms therefore easily get infected from others.

If you have been diagnosed with a fungal infection, do not ignore the symptoms. It will not go away by itself. And folk medicines will not be able to help — it's just a waste of time. And while you delay treatment, the illness progresses, the smell of feet can become extremely unpleasant and nails and darken, thicken or vice versa may become more brittle.

Nowadays, medical products for curing fungi are available not only in conventional drugstores, but also on the Internet. After you health care provider prescribed you a particular remedy you may look it up in the Internet, also you can buy generic antifungal pills without prescription.

Medication against fungus should be picked up considering pathogen and disease manifestations. The most common remedy for the fungus comes in the form of solutions, creams, gels, ointments and tablets. How to choose antifungal agents? In those cases when the infection affects the skin, mucous membranes or the cornea topical treatment is virtually uncontested way of combating fungi.

When the infection affects the skin for the treatment is better to apply antifungal agents in the form of lotions and creams instead of ointments.

Dusting powder makes sense to use in areas where excessive moisture is formed between the fingers, in the inguinal folds, the armpits.

In no case should you interrupt the course of treatment. The thing is that the symptoms (itching, peeling, and cracking of skin) usually disappear before fungus is completely destroyed. Having achieved visible success in treatment, getting rid of all that was annoying and obstruct to enjoy life, the majority of people calms down and cease the treatment. On the other hand, the pattern of use these medicines is often quite complicated, requires effort, patience, delivers certain inconveniences. But only with some effort you will succeed. The point is that not fully cured fungus only fades for some time to return again later under "favorable" circumstances.

Where to buy antifungal drugs? Ask your personal physician to answer this question, for instance, the medical professional will advise you a pharmacy or you can buy generic FDA approved medications online.


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