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What is chlamydial arthritis

Chlamydial arthritis is, almost always, not an independent illness, but a complication. It is preceded by infectious diseases provoked by chlamydia. The pathogen of the illness penetrates into the cartilage of the joint, capsule or membrane. It happens in 5-15% of all patients with chlamydial infections.  One can get infected by sex, less frequently during surgical intervention, if the procedure was performed with poorly sterilized surgical instruments.

Chlamidial arthritis treatment

Practice shows that patients with chlamydial arthritis seek medical help, when the disease is already active, which greatly reduces the quality of life. Pain syndrome interferes with normal life, it is impossible to restrain from constant discomfort, there appear systemic physiological changes in the body. Therefore, the treatment of chlamydial arthritis should start as soon as there are first suspicions of the disease. If you ignore pain or rely on the effectiveness of questionable advice from people who are not physicians, the treatment usually last for a very long time and is very complicated. But if treatment was initiated in the first stages, it would be much easier and faster. But don’t panic, modern medicine and newest pharmacological inventions are able to successfully help you with this illness.

Causes of spasm of cerebral vessels

Spasm of cerebral vessels is a fairly frequent phenomenon, interfering with the comfortable both intellectual and physical life of the patient. Now it is possible to treat this disease with medications. The medication approach often allows successfully to struggle with narrowing of cerebral vessels.
Spasm is commonly referred to as constriction of the vascular lumen, which occurs due to various causes. The most common causes of spasm of cerebral vessels are the following:
• Atmosphere of chronic lack of sleep;
• Frequent episodes of overstrain and fatigue of the patient's body against the background of labor activity;
• Chronic finding in a state of emotional stress;

What can treat Nootropil?

Nootropics have already stopped to be just geeks thing, as it was just a few years ago. They quickly became fashionable among students and freelancers, and today have become common for many other layers of the population. The share of nootropic drugs on the world pharmacological market is more than 1 billion dollars and continues to grow rapidly.
Of course, there is nothing to be surprised about. If there are tablets that promise to make you smarter and more focused, then you will most likely take them - provided that the risks do not outweigh the benefits.

Lodine for joint pain

Joint pain is one of the strongest pains that people may feel. Those who argue with this statement, apparently, never personally felt it. And although this discomfort is rarely as intense as a toothache, nevertheless long-lasting aching pains are no less exhausting. It is not easy to deal with them. However, in this situation high-quality drugs come in handy; they not only relieve pain, but also help in combating the very cause of the disease, which prevents the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the future. One of these medicines is Lodine

What you should not do with hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids in our time is one of the most common diseases among the population. Moreover, the age groups that most often complain of the inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes have significantly expanded. Now hemorrhoidal disease is a burden not only for the elderly, but for younger people. Therefore, the actual question becomes: how to lead the former active way of life, but at the same time deal with the treatment of hemorrhoids? Should I stop running with hemorrhoids or if the disease progresses and requires treatment? We will try to answer these questions. The reasons for the development ..
Is it possible to fly with hypertension?
In modern society, flights by plane have long become commonplace. Traveling this way is quick and convenient. Especially relevant flights during the warm season, when you want to visit the sunny countries during the holidays and just visit relatives who live far away. But for some people, this kind of displacement can be extremely dangerous. For example, patients who have a disease such as hypertension often ask themselves: Is it possible to fly with hypertension? In this article, we will try to answer on this question and find out how to create optimal conditions for hypertension during the flight and what you need to know in order to avoid negative consequences and complications.
Hypertension is accompanied by an increase in the arterial blood pressure of a person above the norm and has the following symptoms:
Myositis: symptoms and causes

What is myositis and how dangerous is this condition? Most of the working day you have to sit in front of the computer monitor in one position? And besides, the back is always cooling because of the air conditioner? This picture is not at all uncommon, although very few people know that in this way they can earn a serious ailment —  myositis. From prolonged immobility in our muscles, metabolic processes decrease. And even the most innocuous movement can cause a muscle spasm, which is always accompanied by pain in the muscles of the back and neck.

Voltaren gel
Voltaren gel is very popular and reviews about this product are different. You can find out more about them in this article. We will also mention the information contained in the annotation to this drug. What composition does Voltaren have? The main component of this medicinal product is Diclofenac. It is worth noting that its concentration in the gel is 1%. If you ask medical professionals what they think of Voltaren topical, then we will get the next answer. Experts advise to use this medicine at various pain syndromes. Physician also point out that it has an anti-inflammatory effect.