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Myths about Duphaston
How to make pregnancy successful, prevent miscarriage? How to fix the cycle? How to improve your women's health? For this purpose, women are often prescribed synthetic progesterone (gestagen) of the last generation, a drug Duphaston. So often women even think that this drug is a panacea for all women's ills, a cure for all diseases.
Duphaston indications for use. In general, the official list of indications for use is quite impressive:
Progesterone insufficiency (insufficiency of the luteal phase of the cycle).
Infertility due to luteal insufficiency.
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori

Usually gastric diseases arise due to the influence of exogenous factors (eating disorders, abusing gastric secretion stimulants, stresses, smoking, alcohol), but there are times when a person leads a healthy lifestyle, work out, follows a diet, but has stomach problems. 
The question arises: "Why is a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and does not violate the diet, suffers from such diseases?" 
Recent studies of scientists confirm that 40-60% of cases of such diseases develop the fact that a special bacterium Helicobacter pylori, settles in the mucous membrane of the stomach, which enters the body from the external environment, parasitizes there, causing disturbances in the digestive system of human. 

What is Protonix medication?

Reception of Protonix allows to lower allocation of acid which occurs or happens constantly (without stimulation) and at presence of stimulation. It is known that the main cause of ulcerative lesions of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract is infection with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which requires high acidity of the medium and itself provokes a decrease in pH. Hydrochloric acid itself has a negative effect on the affected mucosa. Thus, the treatment of such conditions involves the use of Protonix or similar substances in combination with other drugs (eg, antibiotics). This substance suppresses the growth and reproduction of Helicobacter pylori, and increases the activity of other drugs in this respect.

Depression in women
If everyone who falls into depression had to wear identification plates, the number of females among them would be twice as large. In-depth studies in the US have shown that depression in women takes root twice as often as men. Maybe it's all about emotionality?
Some people do not hesitate to get women's depression for emotional instability and impressionability. A woman from their point of view, like the weather, is changeable and mysterious. The meteorological forecast for today is contradictory: from indifference and laziness to anxiety and emotional excitement, from irritability to apathy and anguish. Especially condemned are the impressionable people who are able to sadly cry while listening to a cheerful song. But is it possible to put a sign of equality between flightiness and depression?
Desyrel for depression
Diseases of the nervous system are widespread in our day. They are accompanied by depression, stress, insomnia and other unpleasant symptoms. To restore the functioning of the nervous system, there are many drugs, including Desyrel. Patient feedback indicates that the medication is effective, normalizes the sleep and calms down.
The antidepressant Desyrel (patient reviews pay attention to its seriousness and do not recommend taking the remedy without consulting a doctor) is made in the form of tablets, one tablet contains about 100 mg of Trazodone
Depression in men

Often, men try to cope with the depressive state themselves, and also do not even admit the fact that they have depression. This is due to fear of loss of reputation, as a courageous representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, often depression in men remains unnoticed for relatives, employees at work, and even for the man himself, who will confuse depression and lack of motivation with laziness or fatigue.

Effexor Xr for depression
Unfortunately, depressive conditions and other disorders are not uncommon in the modern world. Some psychological problems can be overcome only with the help of will power and self-control. On the other hand, in more severe cases, taking antidepressants is simply necessary. An effective cure is Effexor Xr. Reviews of specialists and patients confirm that this medicinal product really helps to solve a lot of problems. Therefore, in modern medicine, it is used frequently. Of course, treatment of neuroses requires appropriate measures. So what is in the drug’s composition and how does it affec..