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What causes schizophrenia and how to treat it?

With schizophrenia is sick 1% of the population of the planet, equally, both men and women. And those who have relatives suffered from this disease have a greater chance of its manifestation. The closer such a relationship is the higher the risk of schizophrenia in the generation of patients. But it is not enough only one genetic predisposition. Although this disease is hereditary, the psyche that caused the manifestation of schizophrenia can have quite a perceptible external factor. So, for example, often the onset of the disease is associated with unfavorable factors of upbringing or features of the nature of the parents, hormonal changes in adolescence or manifest immediately after birth in women. Conditions of the military people and other regime structures are not suitable for everyone can also trigger the onset of the disease, under certain risk factors. The use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances - is often an indisputable condition for the exacerbation of the disease.

Positive effects of Mellaril
Mellaril belongs to the category of well-known neuroleptic drugs andprobably each Health professional knows it as it has been used in psychiatry for almost 50 years. However, since the first years of its application, clinicians have developed an idea of it as a not-quite-usual drug with a number of peculiarities. This did not allow it to be considered unconditionally as a traditional medication. Mellaril is a drug with a pronounced dose-dependent effect. Treatment with it is recommended in low and medium doses in the presence of anxiety, mixed anxiety-depressive states (including latent depression), sleep disturbances, increased excitability, and various symptoms of "vegetative irritation". Without anecdotal doubt, the anxiolytic effect is complemented by pronounced targeted effects on seizures, such as cardialgia and cephalalgia. It is well tolerated, with the use of the drug in the middle and even lower dosages, severe side effects are practically not observed. During its reception it is not recommended to drive and work with complex mechanisms.
How to use a pregnancy test?
In the life of every girl there comes a moment that can radically change her entire existence and we are talking about pregnancy. Imagine just how awful it is to be tormented by doubts, burned with impatience, not knowing whether you’ve conceived a new life or not. But you can find out about the birth of a new life even before the visit to a gynecologist. All that a girl needs to do is to purchase a pregnancy test. How to take a pregnancy test correctly, its principles of action, possible mistakes in performing it? Let's discuss this below. How does a pregnancy test work? All of them ac..
Diabetes and ED
How does diabetes affect erectile dysfunction? Or maybe these two terms have nothing to do with each other? Having learned about the frightening diagnosis —"diabetes mellitus"— many men are very worried that they will now have no sexual life. Such a conclusion is erroneous, since the disruption of the development of insulin does not directly affect men’s sexual health. But the high uncontrolled level of glucose in the blood indeed helps to disrupt the sexual life of a person.
Testosterone level in women
In the body of a woman there are different hormones, which are responsible for many of its functions. But if their number exceeds the norms, you need to take action. To male hormones women owe much: sexual desire, maturation of eggs, the work of the sebaceous glands and even exalted, cheerful mood. However, excessive production of them not normal testosterone level can cause malfunctions in the body and cause harm to health. 
Diagnosis of problems with hormones: high testosterone level may be indicated by the following symptoms: absence of period or irregularities; absence of ovulation, infertility, miscarriages, uterine bleeding; appearance of hair on the face, around the nipples and in other uncharacteristic places; thinning hair on the head, increasing of fat content.
What is Decadron?

This is a systemic action tool. Decadron does not cure any particular disease - it affects the body in such a way that the disease goes away. The drug is very serious, like all hormones. With mismanagement, it can severely damage the body. And in professional hands, Decadron can greatly ease your condition. The effect of its action is based on the binding of certain biologically active substances produced by the pituitary gland, affecting the central nervous system, as well as participation in hematopoiesis. Thus, the action extends to the whole of your body. It takes part in the metabolism.

What is ovulation?
The human body keeps many secrets. It's amazing how many processes going on in it every second. We do not always have a clear idea of many important changes in our organism due to their complexity. But some women need to know about some things. These processes include ovulation.
What is ovulation? Not everyone can correctly answer this question.
Ovulation test
In ovulation tests are most often interested two types of women: those who do not wish to become a mother and those who dream of a baby. The fact is that the process of ovulation is the very mysterious moment on which the mother's future depends.
An ovulation test helps the couple in a timely manner to choose the most successful time for conception. 


The result of this device tells a woman about the onset of her ovulation in the next 12, maximum of 48 hours (usually it's only a day or two). Thus, a couple in love knows that the most favorable time has come for a successful conception of a baby.

Contractubex for removing children's scars
What should I do if my child is injured? How to avoid scarring in children? How to get rid of scars? What is Contractubex? Can children be treated with Contractubex? For these and other questions you will find the answer in this article. Kids of all ages are simply obliged to explore everything, learn new skills and constantly check the limits of their capabilities. As a result, they have to endure cuts, bruises and other "reminders" of a happy childhood. And it's terrible for parents to wonder if the scar will remain for life. In most cases you should not worry. The shallow wounds will..
Types of ED drugs
With age, due to constant stresses, chronic diseases and general deterioration of the body, most men notice erectile dysfunction - a disease characterized by a deterioration or total absence of penile erection. From an unpleasant illness, men of any age can suffer: already documented cases of disease, even in boys at the age of twenty. Reviews about the means for potency in men are completely opposite. It is necessary to understand and choose what types of ed drugs are most suitable for the body.
The disease is characterized by several symptoms. The first and most unpleasant is the extinction of sexual attraction. The second is anorgasmia: the absence or disturbance of the cycle of orgasm. The most common symptom is a worsening or lack of penile erection. In the first two cases, treatment is required for specialized specialists, since these symptoms are associated with psychological disorders or with the presence of dangerous diseases, during which the violation of potency is only a secondary and a side effect.