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What it’s like to have a depressive episode?
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What are the symptoms of thrombophlebitis?
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Difference between stress and depression?
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What is glycemic profile?
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What is blepharospasm?
Nervous tics and twitching of the eyelids occur at any age. But the condition that is called blepharospasm more often develops in the elderly. The patient closes his/her eyes involuntarily. It is important not to miss the onset of the disease so that you can see a doctor as soon as possible.   What is blepharospasm? This neurologic syndrome, that is, not an independent disease, but a complex of symptoms that accompany various pathologies (which? - we'll talk about this a little later). In fact, it is hyperkinesis - that is, "redundant", "superfluous" movement. The circu..
Analogues of Penegra
Penegra is a preparation manufactured by Zydus Alidac (India) containing the substance sildenafil. It promotes persistent and prolonged erection in conditions of sexual stimulation.
Description and instruction of the preparation:
This is an inhibitor of PDE-5, that is, a remedy to relax the vessels that provide blood flow to the penis during erection. The mechanism of drug exposure is associated with the release of nitric oxide. But for the patient it is important to know that Penegra for men will only strengthen the natural erection. In the absence of sexual arousal, the effect of the drug does not manifest itself.
Most common Lioresal side effects
Lioresal is a drug that removes the pathologically increased muscle tone. The main substance of the drug is baclofen. Treatment with this medication suppresses nerve transmission and the readiness of muscle fibers to contract. In the presence of spasticity of skeletal muscles, this drug weakens spasms, convulsive seizures. If the health of the joints is impaired, then the use of this drug can increase the amplitude of their movement, allows for a great success and effectiveness to conduct sessions of manual therapy, massage, and physical therapy.
This drug is used in:
• Diseases of the spinal cord, for example, myelitis, tumors, and so on;
• Circulatory disorders in the brain of the brain, accompanied by increased muscle tone;
• Meningitis;
• Cerebral palsy;
• Craniocerebral injury;
• Multiple sclerosis;
Can condoms cause erection problems?

It is possible that in your mind, from time to time you asked yourself a question: can condoms cause erection problems. Is there a connection between the quality of a man's sexual life, his sexual health and the use of this widespread in our time and one of the safest methods of contraception? And if there is, then what is it? Are there scientific facts confirming the relationship between condoms and the erectile function of a man? We will try to answer these questions in this article.