Effexor Xr for depression

Effexor Xr for depression
Unfortunately, depressive conditions and other disorders are not uncommon in the modern world. Some psychological problems can be overcome only with the help of will power and self-control. On the other hand, in more severe cases, taking antidepressants is simply necessary. An effective cure is Effexor Xr. Reviews of specialists and patients confirm that this medicinal product really helps to solve a lot of problems. Therefore, in modern medicine, it is used frequently. Of course, treatment of neuroses requires appropriate measures. So what is in the drug’s composition and how does it affect the body? How to take these pills correctly? This information is sought by many readers.
What substance is the main active component of Effexor Xr? It is Venlafaxine in the amount of 37.5 or 75 mg per tablet.
What is Effexor Xr? Naturally, in the first place patients are interested in the question, in which cases people take this medication? Reviews of medical professionals, as well as the results of scientific studies, suggest that this medicine effectively treats depressive states, especially if they are associated with increased anxiety.
In no case should you use this medication without prior consultation with your doctor. Dosage, when to take it, duration of treatment no one without medical education and experience in treating depression has the right to give you recommendations on these aspects. And here many factors are important: clinical picture, age and general condition of the patient, medications taken by him, presence of contraindications, etc.
The drug, that we are discussing now, patients most often take before or during a meal. It is desirable to take the drug at the same time of day. As a rule, the initial Effexor Xr dose is 37.5 mg twice a day. If the desired therapeutic effect is not achieved, the amount of the drug is increased to 75 mg twice daily. Once the desired effect is achieved, slowly lower the dose. Such a treatment scheme is most common, but not universal.
Today, more and more people are interested in how to get rid of anxiety and depression. Certainly, this medication helps to cope with these problems, but there are some contradictions to its use:
  • Increased sensitivity to the components of this medicinal product
  • The medication has an age limit it shouldn’t be taken by patients under the age of 18
  • Pregnancy and period of breastfeeding
  • This medication shouldn’t be taken together with MAO inhibitors
In addition, there are also relative contraindications; this means that treatment is possible, but under close under medical supervision. In particular, the drug is prescribed with caution to patients suffering from tachycardia, hypertension, catarrhal glaucoma, hyponatremia. Moreover, relative contraindications include reduced body weight, predisposition to bleeding, manic conditions and presence of suicidal tendencies, increased intraocular pressure.
Naturally, like any other antidepressant, Effexor Xr 75 mg can lead to some side effects. Complications are quite varied; here are the most common of them:
Quite often there are disorders in the functioning of the digestive system, in particular nausea and loss of appetite, abdominal pain, dry mouth, constipation, dyspepsia. Very rarely, pancreatitis and hepatitis develop on the background of therapy.
Too low or too high blood pressure, arrhythmias, tachycardia, and skin hyperemia are also possible. Occasionally fibrillation of the ventricles and tachycardia develop.
Possible metabolic disturbances, such as a decrease or a sharp increase in body weight, an increase in cholesterol levels. Rarely, against the background of taking the medication there is a decrease in the secretion of antidiuretic hormone, an increase in prolactin levels.
The most common Effexor Xr side effects include weakness, dizziness, severe yawning, drowsiness, horrible dreams, muscle hypertonus, and increased nervous anxiety. Disorders of the nervous system can also include asthenia, tremor, apathy, fainting and hallucinations. Occasionally, therapy leads to mania development, coordination disorder, seizures, delusions, psychomotor anxieties.
Possible changes in the lymphatic system and hematopoiesis, including hemorrhagic syndrome, minor hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes, thrombocytopenia, rarely aplastic anaphyus, pancytopenia and agranulocytosis.
Some patients complain of problems with urination.
There is a possibility of disturbances of the functioning of the sensory organs, which is manifested by the appearance of noise in the ears, changes in taste perception, problems with accommodation, loss of vision.
Therapy can affect the quality of sexual life, causing a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation and changes in the menstrual cycle, inability to achieve orgasm.
This medicine can provoke an allergic reaction, which is accompanied by the appearance of skin rash, redness, urticaria and edema. Less commonly there is erythema, anaphylactic shock.
There are some other negative reactions that may develop in the background of treatment. Sometimes patients complain of increased sweating, loss of hair (very rarely observed), severe shortness of breath, pulmonary eosinophilia. Sometimes spasms of the muscles, myalgia, arthralgia are observed.
It is worth noting that the occurrence of side effects is sometimes due to the fact that the daily dose is too large. However, in certain cases, a complete cessation of medication may be required. If you notice any deterioration in your condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.
As is known, the most difficult stage of therapy is the process of canceling the antidepressant. That is why the daily dose decreases gradually. Only after the amount of the used drug has been minimized, you can stop therapy. Effexor Xr withdrawal syndrome may be accompanied by various symptoms. Some patients notice increased fatigue and drowsiness. Sometimes asthenia, headache, insomnia, constant feeling of anxiety, appearance of anxiety, increased irritability, sometimes apathy, disorientation, confusion of consciousness are possible. Sometimes a patient develops depression after the discontinuation of this drug and suicidal tendencies appear.
Naturally, many people are interested in the opinion of medical professionals and patients who already took this medication. So what people say about Effexor Xr? Reviews are mostly positive. Experts note that the effect of this antidepressant is almost instantaneous. The onset of treatment may be associated with some complications, and therefore the initial dose, as a rule, is much lower. Patients also say that the body gets used to the drug in a few days, after which it can be taken without fear of serious complications.

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