Depression in men

Depression in men
Often, men try to cope with the depressive state themselves, and also do not even admit the fact that they have depression. This is due to fear of loss of reputation, as a courageous representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, often depression in men remains unnoticed for relatives, employees at work, and even for the man himself, who will confuse depression and lack of motivation with laziness or fatigue.
Depression in men — causes
Scientific research shows that the cause of depression is a combination of social, genetic and psychological factors.
Like women, men are depressed during serious stressful situations: divorce, parting with a loved one, death of someone close to them, financial difficulties, etc.
Specialists also link the appearance of depression in men with testosterone levels in the blood. This hormone helps to inhibit the impact of stress factors on men. If its level is low, it can be the cause of depression.
Another serious factor that influences the appearance of depression is work. Any stress associated with it can greatly contribute to the negative psychological state of a man.
Men are a secretive people. From the future wife, for example, many hide that they had little sexual experience. From friends — that they are not too respected at home. From former classmates — that they have a lousy job and from the boss — that they passionately dream of promotion.
But men also hide much from themselves. They will never agree to admit such a problem as depression. The fear that they will be reproached for being excessively feminine and sensitive prevents them from understanding themselves. Here are six symptoms of male depression that will help determine this problem. So, you are depressed, if you:
1. You need a lot of time to make a decision
It would be a mistake to say that any uncertainty is due to depression. But if, not so long ago, difficult questions like "to cross the street or not to cross", "to offer this girl to go on a date or not", and even more "to drink one more mug of beer or not" did not torment you, for sure you feel mopey.
2. You became less stress-resistant
If earlier scandals in public places you perceived as a free show, and now the squabble of two people on a bus, on a street or in a store makes you feel irrational hate towards everything, it's a skillfully hidden men’s depression.
3. You behave too aggressively
Hostility to everything, even petty and insignificant, desires to suppress the will of the surrounding people and — this is how insecure adolescents behave during puberty. Or adult men with serious psychological problems.
4. You began to drink alcohol more often
This doesn’t mean to get drunk alone and not always at the same time to complain to the bartender about your life. It's enough simply to increase your usual dose without obvious reasons — this can also be used to diagnose the depression that has engulfed you.
5. You are too active in sports
Moreover, at the same time for no reason you start to show interest in some kind of extreme sport or a dangerous activity: like speedy driving through the night city, parachuting or extreme deep diving. All this, like to exhausting training in the gym, is just an attempt to hide from depression without drowning all-consuming sadness with alcohol or drugs.
6. You have lost interest in your hobby
If you used to spend half a day, installing a new battery in the car or testing free antivirus and it was a true happiness for you, but now half an hour after you started to do this you suddenly realize that all this is complete nonsense. And anyway, if you find something exciting and fun to do it never last long? You lose interest in a few days? As you can guess, this is also a depression, which must also be treated.
In general, depression in men has many common characteristic symptoms with depression in women that is low-spiritedness, sleep disturbance, sadness, feeling of being guilty and a classic symptom — low self-esteem.
But the obvious difference is that men rarely cry, although this, according to many experts, helps relieve stress and tension. You should also pay attention to such symptoms as significant changes in weight, thoughts of suicide, absolute disinterest in sex.
The two main ways to combat depression in men are the help of a specialist (a psychologist and a psychotherapist) and one's own strengths.
With the first method, everything is clear. We find a specialist and talk to him. The main thing is not to ignore the problem, not to wait until the situation reaches a critical point. If your therapist thinks that this will help you, take prescribed antidepressants. Very often, Effexor Xr helps depressed people to feel better. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 men successfully overcome depression, if provided timely assistance.
But what about the second method? There are several effective tips that are not so difficult to apply on your own.
So how to cure depression in men independently?
  • Try to always have a goal set in front of you. It does not matter in which sphere: career, family or other
  • Let the whole day be thought-out and planned
  • Physical exercises will help to avoid internal stress and get rid of stress
  • Limit alcohol consumption, and even completely abandon it
  • Proper nutrition will help the body to stay healthy
  • Try to think positively
  • Spend time with those who love, understand and support you
And, in the end, there must be an irresistible desire and a decision to get out of men’s depression. Do not forget that life is a gift. You need to make a choice: to get drown in the "ocean" of depression or get help and live happily.

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