Depression in women

Depression in women
If everyone who falls into depression had to wear identification plates, the number of females among them would be twice as large. In-depth studies in the US have shown that depression in women takes root twice as often as men. Maybe it's all about emotionality?
Some people do not hesitate to get women's depression for emotional instability and impressionability. A woman from their point of view, like the weather, is changeable and mysterious. The meteorological forecast for today is contradictory: from indifference and laziness to anxiety and emotional excitement, from irritability to apathy and anguish. Especially condemned are the impressionable people who are able to sadly cry while listening to a cheerful song. But is it possible to put a sign of equality between flightiness and depression?
Depression in the female sex is a frequent occurrence. It manifests itself in a state of gloomy mood, isolation, unwillingness to communicate, sadness, longing for something, feeling unwell, completely helpless and indifferent.
Experts distinguish several symptoms of depression in women:
During this period, you will be able to notice the slow flow of your thoughts, experience difficulties in thinking, you will have problems with answers, it will be difficult for you to form a point of view and communicate with people. You, probably, often notice people with a stiff expression on their face; it is possible that they are depressed. Also, the symptoms of depression are poor facial expressions and slow thinking, difficult movements, and even as the most severe case immobility.
Also you will be able to observe the malfunctions of the body, which will consist in the appetite disorders, rapid weight loss, blood pressure and heart rate may change. Women often have severe headaches, constipation, intense sweating, they sleep badly, they are suffering from insomnia, and their skin becomes dry, sometimes pale. It is important that the working capacity of a woman in the days of depression is very low.
Also a sign of depression in women may be a delay in menstruation, and other disorders in the way the body works.
There are different forms of depression. Sometimes women can experience the state of delirium. This is a condition of the patient, when she claims that she is dissolute, weak-willed, a sinner, useless, useless to anyone in this life, a criminal, or even a burden to relatives, who are doomed to eternal torment, illness and suffering.
In especially severe forms of depression, relatives should provide constant care for the patient, as attempts of suicides, self-harm are not excluded.
These symptoms manifest themselves in different forms of depression, with varying strength, in varying degrees of expression and often in various combinations.
In our days, reactive depression often occurs in women due to mental illnesses such as, for example, manic depressive psychosis or schizophrenia, or because of, for example, infectious.
The causes that provoked depression symptoms in women, are different in different people, and the methods that will help get rid of it are the same for everyone. The most effective way is to have a pet. It is scientifically proven that a person, who has a cat or dog, comes out of a state of deep sorrow and sadness much faster. In many respects it is explained also by necessity to make regular walks with an animal in the open air and care about someone.
Women tend to eat their feelings, most often ladies eat sweet cakes, candies, cookies, brownies. This is very bad, because elevated blood sugar levels only exacerbate depression. During this period it is better to include in the diet turkey meat, bananas, dried dates and cheeses. These products contain tryptophan, which activates the brain activity.
For a quick exit from the state of deep sadness a good sleep is mandatory. Its duration in this period should be at least eight hours. This rule should be adhered to rigorously.
Travel is the best medicine for all ills. A beautiful hotel with its cozy rooms, attractions of an unfamiliar city, new people, a change in the familiar environment these are the factors that cause the body to shake and mobilize all vital resources.
Is there no way to go on a trip? You can find a new hobby and concentrate on it all your attention. Many women dream of learning how to dance, embroider or to take decorating classes, but always something gets in the way of achieving our dreams. Depression is a very sinister condition, for the exit from it you need your desires and interests put in first place.
Do not be afraid to take special medications. These drugs help restore the chemical balance of components in the brain, positively affect the emotional and mental state of a person. Of course, you cannot take any medication based on reviews on the Internet or because your friends took it and it helped them. It is up to the doctor to determine whether a medicine should be taken and what exactly should you take. If, say, your doctor prescribed you a medicine, Desyrel adhere to all the recommendations on how, when and how long to take it.
Get rid of depression in women helps positive thinking. In everything, one should look for positive moments, negative emotions and thoughts need to be temporarily blocked in your head. They are destructive to the human psyche, provoking not only mental suffering, but also serious diseases.

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