How to prolong sex?

How to prolong sex?
The question “how to prolong sexual intercourse” will worry those men who have problems with coitus. Of course, one can simply take the pills to prolong the sexual intercourse, but doctors recommend that you find the root of the problem and then successfully fight it. It is important to find out why there are certain problems, whether they appear from time to time or this is a permanent state of a man during the lovemaking.
Stress, fatigue, psychological problems — all of this negatively affects the quality of intimate life.
"Umnia animalia post coitum opressus est" — known as Aristotle's phrase, which means that "every animal after the coitus is sad." This state of a man is quite understandable; after all he has spent a lot of strength and emotions. But sometimes the sadness happens due to another reason: the short sex act that did not satisfy the lovers.
For your information! Coitus brevis — short sexual intercourse that lasts no more than 2 minutes, time from the introduction of penis to the vagina to the time of the ejaculation.
There are no strict norms, it is believed that the average sex lasts from 3-5 to 10 minutes, during this time there are about 60 frictions. The more often the lovers make love, the longer the act continues, with prolonged abstinence, the situation is the opposite. Therefore, in order to be a better lover, you need regular intimate relationships. But all this is averaged indicators, the main and most significant judge for a man will be his wife or girlfriend, and if she reaches orgasm in the notorious 2-3 minutes, then this is considered a mutual sexual satisfaction of the partners.
The methods of regulation of ejaculation are individual; this is due to the reasons for which coitus has become short. To continue it, it's important to find the reasons that spoil your sex life, change them and get rid of all problems.
Options that help to improve and prolong sex, conventionally accepted to be divided into three groups:
  • Improving the technique of sex
  • General health advice
  • Use of special medicinal products (drugs, lubricants, etc.).
So how to prolong sexual intercourse? Let’s consider some important points:
1. Proper nutrition
Balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help to preserve men's power for a long time.
A balanced diet, which has all the necessary ingredients, helps to improve quality of sex life. It is important that the products contain: zinc (raw eggs, wheat, peas, liver, oysters), vitamin E (helps with blood circulation), magnesium (oatmeal, apricots, bran).
2. Ladies first
A partner that follows the following rules will never know sexual problems:
a) Sufficient stimulation of the woman facilitates the introduction of the penis and does not irritate the tip of the penis
b) The moment of restraint: stop the friction when you feel that you’re about to ejaculate
c) Prevent the decline of excitement in a woman, in a minute when you stopped stimulate her erogenous zones with her hands;
d) A cream or spray for prolongation of sexual intercourse, that includes lidocaine (Stud-5000), helps to delay ejaculation
e) The minimum dose of alcohol is able to help you to prolong sex, delay ejaculation (the main word in this sentence is minimal)
3. Timely treatment of pathologies
Sometimes, to prolong sex act, it is enough to cure osteochondrosis, vertebral hernia and other pathologies associated with damage to the vertebral column. The regulation of ejaculation is worsens when changes occur in the sacrum and lumbar spinal cord.
If there are no visible pathologies in the body, then you can use general recommendations that allow you to continue sexual intercourse:
  • Try to use a condom; you can even use two or even three condoms at the same time to reduce the sensitivity
  • During sexual intercourse try to be distracted and think about other things. In some cases, thoughts about something unpleasant can help
  • Use yoga exercises. Learn to arbitrarily detain and disrupt urination. In fact, the link between the training of the sphincter apparatus of the bladder and the ejaculation is weak, but some men say that this exercise helped them a lot
  • Try to masturbate some time before intercourse, especially if after the last ejaculation has passed a lot of time
  • The tip is effective and efficient. Circumcision is worth doing. For a man, this increases the duration of sexual intercourse in two or three times
  • Any prolonged problems with erection are a serious reason to visit a doctor.
But apart from this, it's important to remember what you shouldn’t do:
Never strain the urethra to prevent ejaculation. This will lead to stagnation in the prostate, prostatitis and the development of retrograde ejaculation.
Do not try to avoid sexual encounters after the first failure. This is a dead end situation, leading to serious psycho-emotional disorders and other changes in the sexual sphere.
It is not bad at all to even with minor problems visit a doctor-urologist. This not only will quickly eliminate the probable causes of a short time intercourse, but also improve intimate life; the specialist will be able to teach you ways to prolong sex.
In some cases, the andrologist, after listening to the complaints of the patient, will recommend drugs for prolonging sexual intercourse.
The main and most helpful medications include:
  • Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (Levitra, Viagra, Cialis)
  • Activators of NO syntheses
  • Testosterone
  • Vitamins and herbal complexes
  • Dapoxetine containing medications and lidocaine containing ointments and sprays
Admission of any drugs for the prolongation of sexual intercourse should be agreed with the doctor. Experiments with stimulants can cause adverse effects in healthy men, since no large-scale (and deep) studies have been conducted. These medications are especially contraindicated in the presence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, with diabetes mellitus and the presence of somatic and psychological abnormalities. If you take these medications without talking to your physician first you not only fail to prolong sexual intercourse, but also there will be complications, up to the fatal outcome.

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