Most common Lioresal side effects

Most common Lioresal side effects
Lioresal is a drug that removes the pathologically increased muscle tone. The main substance of the drug is baclofen. Treatment with this medication suppresses nerve transmission and the readiness of muscle fibers to contract. In the presence of spasticity of skeletal muscles, this drug weakens spasms, convulsive seizures. If the health of the joints is impaired, then the use of this drug can increase the amplitude of their movement, allows for a great success and effectiveness to conduct sessions of manual therapy, massage, and physical therapy.
This drug is used in:
• Diseases of the spinal cord, for example, myelitis, tumors, and so on;
• Circulatory disorders in the brain of the brain, accompanied by increased muscle tone;
• Meningitis;
• Cerebral palsy;
• Craniocerebral injury;
• Multiple sclerosis;
They release the drug in the form of tablets. Their reception begins with small doses, which consistently increase every three days (if there are no hypersensitivity reactions). Thus, the minimum optimal dose is selected, which facilitates the patient's condition. The drug's instruction describes the optimal dose: one that does not lead to movement disorders due to excessive muscle weakness. Special dosage regimens are indicated for children, elderly patients, patients with chronic renal failure.
Contraindicated Generic Lioresal is in:
• Epilepsy;
• Parkinsonism;
• Psychoses;
• Digestive tract ulcer;
• Seizures, including those that occurred earlier;
• Disturbance of lactose metabolism;
• Pregnancy and lactation;
With caution it should be used in:
• Violations of cerebral circulation, for example, in atherosclerosis;
• Diseases of the kidneys and liver;
• Treatment of children and the elderly;
Side effects and overdose Lioresal.
In the annotation to the drug, its undesirable effects are divided into groups according to the frequency of occurrence. We list here the most common Lioresal side effects:
• Weakness, fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, sleep disturbances, impaired consciousness, euphoria or depression, gait disorders, dry mouth, and so on;
• Nausea, indigestion;
• Pressure drops;
• Visual impairment;
• Pain in the muscles;
• Shortness of breath;
• Sweating, skin rashes;
• Increased amount of urine, incontinence;
In overdose develops excessive muscle weakness, respiratory depression, the patient can fall into a coma. Treatment involves the use of diuretics, the intake of a large volume of fluid. If required, an artificial ventilation is performed.
It is worrying that, in general, reviews about Lioresal are on sites and blogs, which topic is drug addiction. This drug is referred to the so-called "pharmacy drugs".
Those who have experience of such application of the drug, write that it gives a feeling of euphoria, ease, the desire to actively move and so on. Then there are side effects - nausea, vomiting. With regular admission drug addicts have to constantly increase the dose, because the desired state does not occur, and only symptoms of poisoning occur. It's difficult to stop taking it. Often a person him(her)self cannot "withdraw" from this drug at all and applies for narcological help. The consequences of such experiments are always destructive for the liver, nervous system, kidneys.
Those who take Lioresal according to the testimony tell the following:
- After a trauma of a backbone I had a spasticity. It is impossible to endure it. I had to take Lioresal. But I tried very hard to contain the doses. Although the doctor quietly allowed to increase, if it hurts. But I resisted. As soon as the tonus began to pass, I began to get off the drug. I must say, it was breaking. So think 100 times before you start.
- It's interesting that doctors do not say anything when they prescribe Lioresal. Like, “take it in case of pain, spasms”. And there are so many drug addicts around that lose health and life. In general, they could warn.
- I have such a spasticity that I have to tie myself to the stroller, so as not to fall out of it at the moment of an attack. And only Lioresal helps. Therefore I have to take it more than during ten years.
According to such descriptions it becomes clear that the use of medication is only an involuntary, hopeless measure. There are conditions in which only this medicine helps. And then, patients are constantly looking for a replacement, trying to reduce the dose. As for the narcotic qualities of Lioresal and those who are addicted to them - the cases of salvation are sporadic. Basically, this way leads directly to death.

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