What is type 2 diabetes

What is type 2 diabetes
Since insulin is very significant component in human glucose assimilation, if it is removed from metabolic processes this will result in the body's digestion of its fats and proteins, it may lead to an insulin coma in the future, and if there is a lack of medical care, it can lead to death. It is necessary to know that the treatment with home remedies can only be carried out with careful monitoring of blood sugar levels. The type 2 diabetes causes for now are not fully defined, but there are special causes of the disease that provoke the development of the disease and worsen the patient's health. It is known that in its acquisition an important role is played by heredity and genetic predisposition to this pathology.
If a person is diagnosed with this type 2 diabetes diet and treatment should be prescribed by a doctor. It is registered in 8% of the inhabitants of the Earth, usually in people older than 40 years, and basically - already in elderly people, prone to fatness, and therefore this type of diabetes is often called "obese diabetes" or of the elderly.  The occurrence of this disease is played also by the genetic predisposition to the disease and combination of risk factors such as age and overweight. With age, pancreatic function decreases. The most serious predisposing factor, however, is obesity. It was found that more than 80% of patients are overweight. It is believed that the excess fat content disrupts the body's ability to utilize insulin. With a combination of some of the type 2 diabetes symptoms, you need to see a doctor to get a check-up and get a professional consultation. It is non-infectious disease. Its clinical feature is that it is considered to be a significant factor in the growth of cardiovascular pathology. Among patients with cerebral strokes, myocardial infarction is dominated patients with this illness.
Glycemic control may worsen due to a decrease in the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin, especially in overweight patients. First of all, the treatment is aimed at preserving and improving the functioning of beta-cells and increasing the susceptibility of tissues to insulin. Everyone knows that the development of diabetes causes excess weight. And most people think that if you eat less, you can quickly lose weight. To lose weight it is necessary to eat, but it is desirable every 3 hours and in small doses - that is, portions should not be more than a glass. It is desirable to observe the norm of 1200 kcal for women and 1500 kcal for men. The norm is to reduce weight by 3 kg per month.
The first stage of type 2 diabetes treatment except of diabetes medications is the implementation of dietary advice and more active exercise. For obese patients, weight loss is vital. If these measures are not sufficient to stabilize blood sugar, treatment with oral hypoglycemic agents (PCR) and / or insulin is required. Make a rule to drink a glass of boiled water before each meal. And in the morning it is necessary, because in the morning our blood is thicker than in the daytime. In addition, a glass of water drunk 30 minutes before breakfast very well helps the gastrointestinal tract to cleanse. By washing the stomach, you thereby prevent all gastric diseases, including ulcers. A diabetic patient of type 2 should completely exclude from the diet sugar, confectionery, biscuits, muffins, chocolate, sweets, fruit sweet juices, carbonated drinks, fatty meat. It should be limited in the diet of potatoes, pasta, cereals, milk and dairy products, white bread, honey, nuts. It is better to create a diet of a patient with boiled and baked vegetables, fruits to consume more green salads and unsweetened fruits. If possible, try to walk for at least an hour at a convenient pace for you. Any physical load saturates the cells with oxygen, improves the blood supply of the body, promotes fat burning and, accordingly, reduces blood sugar. Try to have all the year round on your table cranberries and it does not matter whether fresh or frozen. Add berries to tea, cook jelly, make fruit drinks. Cranberries are very necessary for our body to tidy up our genitourinary system.
In this article you read what is type 2 diabetes and now know how to treat it but it is better to prevent it.

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