Exercises for swollen ankles

Exercises for swollen ankles
Swollen ankles is a common problem that is more relevant to women. In this state, there is internal insecurity, discomfort, suspicions about the development of the disease. What it can be will tell the attending physician, the main thing - not to hesitate with diagnostics.
At the early stage of the pathological process, there are no painful sensations, and the only symptom complained of by patients is the heaviness in the legs. First it arises in the evening, after an active day of work, but eventually becomes the norm of everyday life. Moreover, it is supplemented with a pain syndrome. This is a sign that the body is not all right - it's time to look for the cause.
The erroneous opinion of some patients is that they perceive such a health problem as a cosmetic defect, which is associated exclusively with excessive fluid intake. In fact, this is not entirely true, because the reasons may be somewhat different - more significant. As an option:
• progressing pregnancy;
• changing climatic conditions;
• vascular disorders;
• diseases of the cardiovascular system;
• venous insufficiency;
•             heart failure.
Separately, it should be clarified that this health problem has a genetic predisposition, that is, it can be transmitted from generation to generation through blood relatives. In addition, the pathogenic factors often become heat, uncomfortable or tight shoes, and a bad habit to keep a foot on the leg.
To determine what causes the progress in a particular clinical picture, it is recommended that you contact not only the local therapist, but also the phlebologist, orthopedist, cardiologist. If it is a disease, then it must be treated; or simply change the habitual way of life in physiological reasons of swollen ankles.
If the patient notices that the legs are often swollen, while constantly worried about the unbearable feeling of heaviness, the first thing is to revise the habitual way of life, make certain adjustments to it. The following preventive measures are relevant:
1. Review your shoes; finally get rid of cramped and uncomfortable heels.
2. Change the daily ration, in particular, to abandon the excessive consumption of salt, fatty and fried foods, which somewhat inhibit the body's water metabolism.
3. Reduce fluid intake in the evening, for example, drink less after 6 pm.
4. Do not abuse the intake of medications, among the side effects of which are swollen ankles.
5. Perform massage of the extremities in the evening, do simple exercises throughout the working day.
In addition, it is useful to reduce the increased physical activity, so that the lower extremities become less tired. However, this does not mean that it is allowed to lead a "sofa" lifestyle, to rush with taking diuretics. Any pharmacological groups should be appointed only by the attending physician, but for the beginning the expert appoints diagnostics.
Exercises for swollen ankles:
The first mistake is to take diuretics in swollen ankles at the initial stage of the problem. First of all, any medications have contraindications and side effects. Secondly, superficial self-treatment is dangerous for health. It will be more correct to massage the lower extremities, study and use exercises to normalize water metabolism. Here's what experts offer:
1. Perform a simple sweep from the heel to the toe, while leaning against a vertical surface.
2. Push your toes away from each other, and then close again. You can perform such an exercise unlimited number of times.
3. Put a pencil on the floor, and then try to raise it with the toe of the bare foot. Repeat the exercise with the second leg: the process is important, not the result.
4. Quickly bend-unbend your toes, performing one minute of up to 60 repetitions. Constantly increase the pace.
5. Perform with both feet first progressive, and then rotational motion an unlimited number of times.
Such simple exercises can be performed in any comfortable environment, while noting that with each new exercise the problem of increased swollen ankles will gradually recede into the background. This proves once again that there is no serious health problem, and the causes of swollen ankles are physiological rather than pathological.
Any medicines are prescribed by the doctor, while clearly stipulating daily doses. Otherwise, it is possible to wash valuable micronutrients from ignorance, provoke an internal imbalance. The following representatives of the indicated pharmacological group have proved themselves well:
• Amyloride (Frumil);
• Spironolactone (Aldactone).
Supplementing the action of diuretics is the use of therapeutic ointments with a natural or chemical composition. Each medicine provides its purposeful action, but it is important to discuss with the doctor only the daily doses, the method of application and the duration of intensive therapy. Otherwise, the consequences may be most unpredictable for health.
If a person knows that he/she is at high risk of swollen ankles, his/her task is to carry out preventive measures in time to avoid unpleasant relapses. You can consult a specialist and find out what to do so that the characteristic ailment is bypassed. There is nothing complicated in this, and doctors emphasize special attention to such preventive measures for every day. So:
1. Before going to bed perform an elementary exercise "Scissors" at least 20 times.
2. Lifting the legs to the chest not only prevents the appearance of edema, but also helps to pump the muscles of the press, increase the endurance of the body.
It only remains to add that to choose therapeutic and prophylactic measures should only the attending physician. If the health problem is obvious, with characteristic complaints, one should first go to the district therapist, and then go through the diagnosis of the organism for the timely identification of the root cause of the pathological process.

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