Can condoms cause erection problems?

Can condoms cause erection problems?
It is possible that in your mind, from time to time you asked yourself a question: can condoms cause erection problems. Is there a connection between the quality of a man's sexual life, his sexual health and the use of this widespread in our time and one of the safest methods of contraception? And if there is, then what is it? Are there scientific facts confirming the relationship between condoms and the erectile function of a man? We will try to answer these questions in this article. 
Scientists from the Kinsey Institute who study sex and reproduction in Indiana, USA, have found that a large number of men refuse condoms in favor of interrupted sexual intercourse or other methods of contraception. And they do this primarily because they believe that condoms won’t let them maintain an erection long enough to engage in sex and that an erection may become less firm. 
At this point they do not think about the questions that may arise in the near future: "How to get rid of STDs?", "What to do with an unplanned pregnancy?"
However, as shown by numerous studies in different parts of the world, interrupted sexual intercourse very often becomes a cause of erectile dysfunction. And if you practice it for a long period of time you can significantly lower your chances of having a strong erection. 
There are several reasons: firstly, the nervous system "decides" not to engage in such manipulations, as this is very risky, and simply blocks the urge to enter into sexual intercourse; secondly, the blood vessels of the penis, which have been subjected to such tests for a long time, also cease to work. 
As you can see, the interrupted sexual act is unreliable, meaningless and dangerous; it should be excluded from any man’s sex life! 
But what about the condoms? Can condoms cause erectile dysfunction? Curious scientists conducted a study in which 278 men participated. All of them were patients of the clinic for the treatment of sexual infections. Each of them used condoms at least three times in the previous three months. Participants in the study responded to questions about the number of sexual partners, sexual disorders, the frequency of unprotected sex acts, problems with condoms, and feelings when using them. 
The study found that about 27% of men felt uncomfortable and had problems with erection before sexual intercourse, when putting on a condom or already during sex. It was these representatives of the stronger sex who admitted that during the study period they had unprotected sexual relations more often (11 times versus 7 times for men who do not experience similar problems). About 40% of men who admitted having problems with erection said that they removed the condom before the end of sexual intercourse. They say the following: “I lose my erection with condoms” and also “Condom kills erection”. Representatives of the stronger sex, who changed three or more sexual partners during the period under study, as well as those who confessed to problems with the use of condoms, twice as often reported that they had failure in bed. 
What do the results of studies show? First of all, it should be concluded that condoms by themselves cannot harm the sexual abilities of men, but the psychological factor has a very strong influence on the mood and the physical body of men. Because of stress and insecurity, the quality of an erection decreases, and this is due primarily to the weakening of the libido. Stress increases the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood, and cortisol, in turn, inhibits the production of testosterone, the main men’s sex hormone. Condoms themselves, as we already said, do not do any harm. 
So after the question “Why do I lose my erection when I put on a condom?” a logical question arises: “What to do with the psychological problems that arise from the use of condoms?” Scientists note that in this case the role of educational work on the use of condoms is extremely important, especially for men who have become "regular clients" of clinics dealing with the treatment of sexual infections. These methods of treating erectile dysfunction and other serious diseases that occur against the background of STDs are quite effective and do not require special efforts from medical personnel. 
In addition, it is very important to teach the younger generation about condoms and other contraception methods. 
If you think that condoms cause erection problems and increase the likelihood of failures during intercourse, then we recommend that you first of all try to relax as much as possible before a date (perhaps you can drink a low dose of alcohol: a glass of wine, champagne etc. important not to overdo it, otherwise there will be a reverse effect), secondly, try to maximally strengthen your own sexual health. 
To increase the level of potency and improve the quality of an erection is recommended:
Do sport 
Eat healthy food
Eat aphrodisiacs for food 
Get rid of bad habits (smoking, alcohol dependence) that affect your self-control 
Try to minimize stressful situations 
Sleep more 
In some cases, doctors recommend ED medication (which can be used not only to eliminate the existing problem, but also for prevention to prevent its occurrence in the future).

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