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What it’s like to have a depressive episode?
Depression this is not just a fashionable word in the modern world. Everyone knows that this term describes a serious problem, a mental disorder that requires some treatment. In this article, we wi.. Read More
What are the symptoms of thrombophlebitis?
Many people who have experienced such a disease as thrombophlebitis have many questions on this topic but have no answers, especially if you have just encountered this problem and do not even know .. Read More
Difference between stress and depression?
Emotional overloads are an integral part of everyday life of a modern person. A lot of problems are accumulating on us as unbearable loads, demanding immediate decisions. We must always be ready to.. Read More
What is glycemic profile?
Along with the words “glycemic profile” will necessarily be present one more word — “diabetes”. This does not mean that if you are not ill, you should close this article. The issue of diabetes worl.. Read More
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How to prolong sex?

The question “how to prolong sexual intercourse” will worry those men who have problems with coitus. Of course, one can simply take the pills to prolong the sexual intercourse, but doctors recommend that you find the root of the problem and then successfully fight it. It is important to find out why there are certain problems, whether they appear from time to time or this is a permanent state of a man during the lovemaking.

ADHD in children
Watching the baby, any parent is happy to note when he or she behaves actively and cheerfully, uninhibitedly discovers the world, without fear contacts other people, comes up with new games and even destroys some toys to figure out how they work, shows signs of independence and own will. Because most of us have a strong belief: an active child is a healthy child. But when parents hear or read information about ADHD in children they are frightened: what if this is about their kid? Is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) a real disease and what's worth worrying about, we'll try..
What is premature ejaculation?

Early or premature ejaculation is familiar to many representatives of the strong sex. In so many cases, this phenomenon leads to disappointment with the partner; especially if this happens during the first the couple makes love. When a married couple faces this problem, the relationship between the spouses begins to ruin, i.e., the man tries to avoid sex, more often avoid intimacy with his wife. This behavior is incorrect

Can I eat sweet if I have diabetes?
It is often very difficult to remove sweets for people with diabetes from the diet. A piece of chocolate can improve mood by producing serotonin — the hormone of happiness. Doctors take this into account, so certain sweet foods are allowed to be consumed. When adding diabetic candy or fruit jelly to the diet, it is necessary to control the sugar level.
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori

Usually gastric diseases arise due to the influence of exogenous factors (eating disorders, abusing gastric secretion stimulants, stresses, smoking, alcohol), but there are times when a person leads a healthy lifestyle, work out, follows a diet, but has stomach problems. 
The question arises: "Why is a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and does not violate the diet, suffers from such diseases?" 
Recent studies of scientists confirm that 40-60% of cases of such diseases develop the fact that a special bacterium Helicobacter pylori, settles in the mucous membrane of the stomach, which enters the body from the external environment, parasitizes there, causing disturbances in the digestive system of human. 

Depression in women
If everyone who falls into depression had to wear identification plates, the number of females among them would be twice as large. In-depth studies in the US have shown that depression in women takes root twice as often as men. Maybe it's all about emotionality?
Some people do not hesitate to get women's depression for emotional instability and impressionability. A woman from their point of view, like the weather, is changeable and mysterious. The meteorological forecast for today is contradictory: from indifference and laziness to anxiety and emotional excitement, from irritability to apathy and anguish. Especially condemned are the impressionable people who are able to sadly cry while listening to a cheerful song. But is it possible to put a sign of equality between flightiness and depression?
Depression in men

Often, men try to cope with the depressive state themselves, and also do not even admit the fact that they have depression. This is due to fear of loss of reputation, as a courageous representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, often depression in men remains unnoticed for relatives, employees at work, and even for the man himself, who will confuse depression and lack of motivation with laziness or fatigue.

What is chlamydial arthritis

Chlamydial arthritis is, almost always, not an independent illness, but a complication. It is preceded by infectious diseases provoked by chlamydia. The pathogen of the illness penetrates into the cartilage of the joint, capsule or membrane. It happens in 5-15% of all patients with chlamydial infections.  One can get infected by sex, less frequently during surgical intervention, if the procedure was performed with poorly sterilized surgical instruments.

Chlamidial arthritis treatment

Practice shows that patients with chlamydial arthritis seek medical help, when the disease is already active, which greatly reduces the quality of life. Pain syndrome interferes with normal life, it is impossible to restrain from constant discomfort, there appear systemic physiological changes in the body. Therefore, the treatment of chlamydial arthritis should start as soon as there are first suspicions of the disease. If you ignore pain or rely on the effectiveness of questionable advice from people who are not physicians, the treatment usually last for a very long time and is very complicated. But if treatment was initiated in the first stages, it would be much easier and faster. But don’t panic, modern medicine and newest pharmacological inventions are able to successfully help you with this illness.

Causes of spasm of cerebral vessels

Spasm of cerebral vessels is a fairly frequent phenomenon, interfering with the comfortable both intellectual and physical life of the patient. Now it is possible to treat this disease with medications. The medication approach often allows successfully to struggle with narrowing of cerebral vessels.
Spasm is commonly referred to as constriction of the vascular lumen, which occurs due to various causes. The most common causes of spasm of cerebral vessels are the following:
• Atmosphere of chronic lack of sleep;
• Frequent episodes of overstrain and fatigue of the patient's body against the background of labor activity;
• Chronic finding in a state of emotional stress;