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What it’s like to have a depressive episode?
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What are the symptoms of thrombophlebitis?
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Difference between stress and depression?
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What is glycemic profile?
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Schizophrenia: symptoms and causes
The origin of schizophrenia, some scientists have linked with the development of human cognitive and speech abilities, despite the fact that the disorder itself rather suppresses them. The reasons for its occurrence, development, symptoms still cause a lot of controversy: someone believes that schizophrenia is transmitted through a certain set of genes, and someone finds a connection with viral diseases. But in one the doctors converge: the incurability of schizophrenia is a myth. What is schizophrenia? And what are the causes of schizophrenia? It is impossible to tell who our distant a..
How to treat depression?

It would seem that everybody has heard of such a concept as depression. It would seem that everybody has a general notion even about the treatment of depression. However, this is not the case. The existing notions of this disease are so distorted that this topic is shrouded by myths, guesswork and frank nonsense. So let's talk in detail about how to treat depression

What is dysmenorrhea?

Sharp pain in the abdomen, general weakness, sleep disturbances, nausea, dizziness are frequent companions of "these" days? Perhaps you have dysmenorrhea - a pathological condition that is characterized by a violation of the menstrual cycle in conjunction with a strong pain syndrome. With this disease, you can and must fight. It is not a disease, but rather a complex of symptoms, which includes neurovegetative, endocrine, mental and emotional abnormalities that occur in a woman during period. All these symptoms significantly worsen the quality of life of a woman during menstruation and require medical intervention. There are: primary and secondary or acquired form. First one is functional, in which there is no abnormalities of the genital organs.

Prognosis of prostate cancer
The prostate gland is an internal organ in the body of a man. Prostate takes part in the creation of ejaculate; it is also the main component of the system of spermatozoa out. Using the prostate, a man can control urination. As in most other human organs, tumors can develop in the prostate gland.
The main danger of the disease lies in the fact that the tumor can give metastases first to the organs located next to, mainly the genitourinary system, and then to other organs. According to statistics, 20% of men over 50 years of age have this disease.
What is depression?

Depression is a problem known since antiquity. People who have suffered from it have always lived hard not only because of their own anguish, but also because of society's attitude to the problem: if the patient was previously suspected of being possessed by the devil, then in our times this state is often considered a manifestation of laziness and weakness. Scientists, fortunately, think differently, and successfully treat this illness. Let's find out together how depression differs from the usual spleen and what to do if your loved one suffers from it

Pet allergy

Pets become excellent companions and even real friends, but not everyone can cuddle a kitten or pet a dog without consequences that have nothing to do with the sharp teeth and claws. The presence of pets can cause a person extremely unpleasant allergic symptoms and trigger an exacerbation of asthmatic conditions. Let's discuss the actual problem of pet allergy.

Seasonal flower allergy

Perhaps there is not such a representative of the fair sex who does not like flowers. Yes, and in any person, these plants cause positive emotions, because they are beautiful in appearance and have an attractive smell. But sometimes, the flower pollen can cause a severe allergic reaction, which can significantly impair the quality of life. Next, let's talk about can flowers cause allergies or not and how to deal with it?

What causes neck spasms?
Involuntary contractions of muscles in humans can everywhere: beginning from the lower extremities and ending with the musculature of the spine. In such cases, people experience very unpleasant sensations. Spasms that arise in the neck area, give the person a double discomfort, since they are responsible for the rotational functions of the human head, for breathing, swallowing and speech. The neck muscle group can disrupt the blood supply, which eventually leads to hypoxia, migraine and can cause swelling.
To treat such an illness, a doctor (usually a neurologist) chooses a course of therapy, taking into account the causes of the symptoms. For example, if the muscles of the cervical spine are involuntarily contracted as a result of a prolonged stay in the sitting position, the pain will help to remove the most common movements: head inclinations in different directions, rotational movements. 
What causes schizophrenia and how to treat it?

With schizophrenia is sick 1% of the population of the planet, equally, both men and women. And those who have relatives suffered from this disease have a greater chance of its manifestation. The closer such a relationship is the higher the risk of schizophrenia in the generation of patients. But it is not enough only one genetic predisposition. Although this disease is hereditary, the psyche that caused the manifestation of schizophrenia can have quite a perceptible external factor. So, for example, often the onset of the disease is associated with unfavorable factors of upbringing or features of the nature of the parents, hormonal changes in adolescence or manifest immediately after birth in women. Conditions of the military people and other regime structures are not suitable for everyone can also trigger the onset of the disease, under certain risk factors. The use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances - is often an indisputable condition for the exacerbation of the disease.

How to use a pregnancy test?
In the life of every girl there comes a moment that can radically change her entire existence and we are talking about pregnancy. Imagine just how awful it is to be tormented by doubts, burned with impatience, not knowing whether you’ve conceived a new life or not. But you can find out about the birth of a new life even before the visit to a gynecologist. All that a girl needs to do is to purchase a pregnancy test. How to take a pregnancy test correctly, its principles of action, possible mistakes in performing it? Let's discuss this below. How does a pregnancy test work? All of them ac..