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What it’s like to have a depressive episode?
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What are the symptoms of thrombophlebitis?
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Difference between stress and depression?
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What is glycemic profile?
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Diabetes and ED
How does diabetes affect erectile dysfunction? Or maybe these two terms have nothing to do with each other? Having learned about the frightening diagnosis —"diabetes mellitus"— many men are very worried that they will now have no sexual life. Such a conclusion is erroneous, since the disruption of the development of insulin does not directly affect men’s sexual health. But the high uncontrolled level of glucose in the blood indeed helps to disrupt the sexual life of a person.
Testosterone level in women
In the body of a woman there are different hormones, which are responsible for many of its functions. But if their number exceeds the norms, you need to take action. To male hormones women owe much: sexual desire, maturation of eggs, the work of the sebaceous glands and even exalted, cheerful mood. However, excessive production of them not normal testosterone level can cause malfunctions in the body and cause harm to health. 
Diagnosis of problems with hormones: high testosterone level may be indicated by the following symptoms: absence of period or irregularities; absence of ovulation, infertility, miscarriages, uterine bleeding; appearance of hair on the face, around the nipples and in other uncharacteristic places; thinning hair on the head, increasing of fat content.
Facial and body scars

It is believed that scars only emphasize men’s masculinity. But despite the existing opinion, scarring cannot beautify the male body, and even more so, the female body. Rather, on the contrary, their presence is perceived as defects in appearance and cause a number of complexes. Just imagine what the surface of the skin looks like with many post acne or post-operative "craters". Today, the problem of scarring is particularly acute, as it is relevant not only to their owners, but also to various branches of medicine, such as surgery, dermatology, and cosmetology. Therefore, the question is: "How to get rid of scarring?" 

Why do people have acne?
Stress, careerism, malnutrition, parasites ... Let's talk about the true causes of acne. Do you think pimples it’s a problem that only concerns teenagers? In fact, acne (this is how in professional language are called pimples) is a skin disease, which affects people all ages — from 14 to 60. Beauticians and health care professionals claim that the best weapon in the struggle with acne are not expensive creams and lotions, but knowledge. Where do they come from? Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin begin to work too actively and are clogged with excess fat and dead c..
Mental disorders

Mental disorders cause misery to billions of people in every corner of the planet and affect the lives of their families. Statistics say that every fourth individual at least ones in life has one or another mental disorder. In the whole world, the most important factor that leads to disability is depression. What is a mental disorder? How to deal with a mental illness?