Diabetes Medications

Diabetes Medications

Diabetes mellitus of both types is an endocrine disease caused by metabolic disorders associated with a complete absence or deficiency of the hormone insulin in the body. Also, the disease can develop in the case of poor digestion of insulin by internal tissues. Because of these changes a person has to constantly adapt to the characteristics of the organism and to strictly follow the instructions, the only way he can continue to lead an active life. Unfortunately, a cure for diabetes which will help to completely heal a person from this disease has not been found but there are many tools that help lower blood sugar levels and this is not always the tablet but mostly can help Rx diabetes medications.


Appointment of the diabetes drugs is carried out by doctor. It is done if the treatment with diet and exercise did not yield positive results and the blood sugar level is constantly increasing and jumps. There are several classes of drugs. A doctor can prescribe not only the means of a single group but also to combine several medications from different classes. In addition to insulin which will be discussed below there are 4 groups of drugs used to treat diabetes: a-glucosidase inhibitors, akakrboza. These drugs are used to treat early stage of diabetes. They reduce the absorption of glucose by gastrointestinal organs. They reduce the internal tissue insulin resistance and thereby increase their sensitivity to glucose. These include biguanides and thiazolidinediones (means stimulating the cells of the pancreas to develop more of the hormone). It derivatives glinides: Repaglinide and sulfonylureas: Generic Amaryl, Diabeton, Maninil, Glibenese. But if you want to buy diabetes drugs online then you should know that they have contraindications and is primarily type 1 diabetes and pancreatic diabetes, pregnancy and lactation.  Also, they should not be taken during infectious diseases, injuries, abdominal operations and allergies. Over time, the efficiency of taking these drugs may decrease due to exhaustion of the pancreas (the newly developed means of incretin series). These hormones of gastrointestinal tract which are generated after ingestion promote insulin secretion stimulation. The majority has a positive feedback and is considered the most suitable option for the treatment of diabetes in the elderly. There are drugs that reduce appetite and help you lose weight and there are increases secretion - Generic Januvia and Generic Onglyza. We should not forget that the above listed groups are designed for the treatment of diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes. For people with 1 type can be used only insulin alone but for the 2 it is possible to buy diabetes medication in online pharmacy.


In most cases, in 5-10 years with type 2 diabetes adherence to diet even hypoglycemic drugs do not help and you have to switch to insulin injections. The temporary is this measure or constant will depend on the patient's condition. Insulin helps to reduce the risk of complications. According to statistics the insulin need 30-40% of patients with type 2 diabetes, the remaining treatment can include other medications. In fact, insulin is one of hypoglycemic agents it is just more expensive and way of introducing is another - injections. Transitioning to this drug or not it decides endocrinologist based on analysis of data and the patient's condition. The dose and dosage regimen are calculated purely individual and prescribed the most suitable Rx diabetes drugs.

Herbal preparations.

Some doctors resort to a variety of plant products, so-called dietary supplements - active biologicals. Treatment with these means helps to reduce blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics but these funds cannot be considered as a medicine. They are not able to cope with the disease but in the complex provide enough "nice" results.

There are currently more than 60 such drugs. For example, some supplements operate in several directions, lowers blood sugar levels by reducing intestinal absorption of glucose by stimulating the release of insulin by the pancreas. At the same time they help to normalize metabolic processes in the body. With long-term regular intake and observance of a diet it is quite possible to achieve normal levels of blood sugar. The basis of such biological additives comprises conventional baker's yeast. In a lengthy admission these drugs help to get rid of insulin therapy for 2-3 months which is considered high enough result. Its use is allowed only to diabetics type 2 as yeast and type 1 diabetes incompatible concepts. Diabetes drugs without prescription the majority of patients have to drink regularly. If not to do it can develop some unintentional complications, type 2 diabetes can go from non-insulin in the insulin-dependent which is not only expensive but also undesirable to most of the internal organs. Therefore, they must often carry out examinations in the clinic, especially if the person is at risk and after the results to buy diabetes medication online.

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