Risperdal for autism

Risperdal for autism
Autism recovery, a possibility to leave this illness behind is a very real phenomenon, but we do not know the answer to the question whether it is in the strict sense curable.
Risperdal (aka Risperdon, aka Rispolept), which began to be used in adults in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in the 1990s, was approved in 2006 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in children's practice. It is used for autism and some other behavioral disorders.
Of course, Risperdal (Risperidone) is not a miracle pill for autism. Autism is a complex disorder characterized by a pronounced and comprehensive lack of social interaction and communication. None of the drugs used in psychiatric practice, whether it's an antipsychotic, a tranquilizer or an antidepressant, leads to improvements in key deficiency areas in autism, although some of the drugs help to cure such unpleasant symptoms as irritability, aggression and self-aggression. In clinical trials, Risperdal demonstrated relative efficacy in the control of these symptoms and gradually became one of the most popular drugs prescribed for little kids suffering from this illness.
Well, there seems to be nothing wrong with facilitating the life of a young patient and his family, saving him from excessive irritability, emotional explosions and hysterics. However, the use of different groups of psychotropic drugs in children's practice is associated with a number of unpleasant and very harmful consequences.
Firstly, these are side negative actions, about which, unfortunately, parents are not always are warned, and they are very serious. The main ones are weight gain (parents of autistic children taking this medication complain very often about this one), and diabetes mellitus. Most recently, the Risperdal manufacturer, the pharmaceutical company “Johnson and Johnson” lost another lawsuit and was fined $ 1.1 billion for illegal marketing, namely, for minimizing the risk of the side effects of the drug, in particular diabetes. A little further in this article, we will report on a full list of Risperdal side effects that this drug may provoke.
The second problem is associated with misinformation. Unfortunately, parents often hear from both doctors and social workers about "drug treatment of autism", about "medical support". Hearing such encouraging information, parents often do not even think about other important aspects of treatment and do not ask any questions. It can be explained by completely unjustifiable optimism, a hope for a miracle cure that will heal the child. And it happens that the parents simply succumb to the pressure of the educator or psychologist who insists on the need to "take this or that medicine" so that the child becomes obedient, otherwise "it is impossible to work with him or her".
The first thing you need to know about this medicine is in what cases it makes sense to take it. The drug Risperdal is used for long-term maintenance treatment and prevention of acute attacks of:
• Affective disorders, manifested in the course of various mental disease states
• Chronic and acute schizophrenia and other psychotic pathologies with negative and productive symptoms
• Disorders of the behavioral sphere in patients with dementia when observing the manifestation of aggression (physical violence, outbursts of anger, etc.), psychotic symptoms, violations of activity (delirium, overexcitation, etc.)
• Disorders of the behavioral sphere in adolescents, from the age of 15 and adult patients with a lowered level of intelligence or inhibition of mental development in cases where destructive behavior (autoaggression, impulsivity, aggression) is predominant in the clinical course of the disease
Risperdal is also prescribed for the treatment of various manias with bipolar disorders and for the purpose of stabilizing the mood.
The next thing you need to know is who cannot prescribe medication with this medicine. Absolute contraindications for taking oral solution and Risperdal pills are: hypersensitivity to the components of this medicine and lactation period.
With special care this medicine is used:
• In diseases of the cardiovascular system (loss of conduction of the heart muscle, post-infarction period)
• With violations of the blood circulation of the brain
• With hypovolemia and dehydration
• With convulsions (even in the anamnesis) and epilepsy
• With Parkinson's disease
• With renal and / or hepatic pathologies, in severe form
• With drug dependence or drug abuse
• With intestinal obstruction, brain tumor, acute drug overdose, Reye's syndrome
• At conditions that can lead to tachycardia (electrolyte imbalance, bradycardia, concurrent use of drugs increasing the QT interval)
• During pregnancy
• In children and adolescents up to 15 years (when we talk about pills), and up to 4 years for oral solution
Risperdal reviews are quite contradictory and divide the opinions of people from extremely positive to extremely negative. The very prescription of neuroleptics, with different diseases, requires high qualifications and extensive experience of the attending physician.
Unfortunately, at the present time, the responsibility and knowledge of some parents is not at the desired level, as evidenced by the testimonies about the situations when children from 2 to 3 years of age took this medicine. Let us remind you that the minimum permissible age of the child to take an oral solution is 5 years, for pills — 15 years. Whether you look for this medicine at a traditional pharmacy or if you decided to purchase it from a good online pharmacy, just make sure that you talk to your doctor or your child’s pediatrician first.
Comments on the use of Risperdal for adults are mostly positive, although some complain about side effects. But in principle, not a single therapy, and even more so the therapy of such serious diseases as schizophrenia and the like is possible without any negative reactions.
It can be concluded that correct Risperdal doses can help in therapy of some problems of the nervous system, but treatment with this medicine requires a careful and qualified monitoring by a specialist doctor.

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