Is it possible to cure autism?

Is it possible to cure autism?
The first thing asked by parents when they hear that their child has autism: can it be cured? And here lies the most unpleasant thing the disease is not curable, at least there is no medication that would allow the kid to completely get rid of the disease.
But this is not a reason for the parents to fall into despair and panic at the first signs of autism in their beloved baby. Instead of asking for a hundredth time the question: “how to cure autism” it is necessary to try to fully understand the situation, to accept that it is forever, and to try to accept such children as they are. Your future live depends on this..
So, to your question: "Can autism be cured" the doctor categorically replied that it is impossible. What can be done?
Ask for professional help. Sure, the doctor just said that he cannot completely cure your baby, and that's true. But doctors have for many decades constantly developed, improved and applied different methods to improve the lives of such special children and their parents. Therefore, cooperation with a qualified physician is obligatory.
Understand that all children with autism are different. Properly selected treatment should meet individual needs. There is no “cure for autism” that works for everybody.
Keep in mind that some parents use treatment regimens that are not fully supported by pediatric doctors in terms of fighting symptoms of autism. These methods of treatment are called complementary and alternative. There is no scientific proof that they are somehow effective. The following is a list of autism cures that belong to this category and examples of what they include: Energy therapy acupuncture, therapeutic massage Alternative medical systems aromatherapy, homeopathy Manual and body methods -hydromassage Brain-Body Intervention Hearing Integration, Meditation, Dance Therapy Biologically active therapy the use of herbs, special diets and vitamins
Know that the magic elixir that cures autism does not exist. There are medications that can help in the correction of autism symptoms. The following is a list of symptoms that can be relieved by certain autism treatment medications, such as Risperdal:
  • Outbreaks of strong anger
  • Aggression
  • Increased energy level
  • Self-harm
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Depression
  • Cramps
Consult your doctor to make sure that your child receives the correct treatment that suits his or her individual needs.
Keep in mind that many great and well-known people have suffered from autism spectrum disorders, including Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.
Early detection of developmental delays and rapid intervention can improve the outlook and help the child achieve the opportunity to succeed.
Always maintain close and open contact with your child's pediatrician.
Let your child explore the art. Some people with autism have rare abilities, for example they can learn to play the piano before they go to school or can solve mathematical equations that even smart adults cannot solve. Pay attention to learning languages, the fine arts (and other types of intellectual activity), and you will find something that your child will truly enjoy.
Autistic spectrum disorders can be detected already at the 18th month of life.
Children with such a diagnosis from the earliest years often have a bad character, so if your child has such problems, or if you are worried that he may have an ASD, start using the methods of behavior correction from the earliest years.
These disorders include autism, deep developmental delays (including atypical autism), and Asperger's syndrome. These conditions have similar symptoms, but they differ in terms of their manifestation, severity and specific causes that cause them.
So is there a cure for autism? No, and it will remain with the child for life. Also, remember that the mere presence of it does not mean that he or she does not understand what is happening and physically differs from other people. Try to treat the kid as an ordinary person, if necessary, give him or her help until he grows enough to understand it. Better to show the child that this state can be as much an advantage as it is a disadvantage.
Some parents feel that changing the child's diet changes how the child feels and behaves, but it's not true. Don’t waste your time browsing the Internet; looking for the answer to the question “how to cure autism with diet”, this will probably bring no results.
It may be useful to try to teach the child the acting and let him or her to meet other kids with the same disease. The acting will help the child develop social skills, and communication with other people with similar problems can help him or her to perceive the world in brighter colors, or show the way to cope with the difficulties.
Some children with ASD have psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression.
Autism is found in about 1 in 100 children (autistic girls are found in 1 out of 4 cases), but such a child may be happier than the one who does not have it.
Children with this disorder may also have epilepsy and mental retardation, so these diseases should also be treated.
Some children with ASD may suffer from a lack of attention, sensory problems, difficulty sleeping or with the gastrointestinal tract problems.
Never tell your child that there nothing can be done to help him or her, it will be bad for them if they feel different or they will try to become like everyone else and unintentionally harm themselves.
Such a child perceives the world around us not like other children. If you put yourself in his or her place for a moment, it will be much easier for you to realize what exactly the kid needs.
Autism leads to the fact that the child does not know what to expect at the next moment from the outside world and therefore feels fear and uncertainty.
Perhaps this is precisely the reason why children with such a diagnosis try to isolate themselves and protest against any changes.
How can autism be cured? The main task of parents who are faced with autism in a child is first of at all to try to adapt their child to this world. Talk about curing autism with other parents of such special kids.
Only in this case, the child will be able to grow calm (as far as possible in general for such a disease) and happy. It is very important for him to know and constantly feel that he is loved. Only here is a small correction, for children with autism a much greater expression of love will not be familiar to us hugs and kisses, but the predictability of the world carefully setup by mom and dad.

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