Analogues of Penegra

Analogues of Penegra
Penegra is a preparation manufactured by Zydus Alidac (India) containing the substance sildenafil. It promotes persistent and prolonged erection in conditions of sexual stimulation.
Description and instruction of the preparation:
This is an inhibitor of PDE-5, that is, a remedy to relax the vessels that provide blood flow to the penis during erection. The mechanism of drug exposure is associated with the release of nitric oxide. But for the patient it is important to know that Penegra for men will only strengthen the natural erection. In the absence of sexual arousal, the effect of the drug does not manifest itself.
Let us recall the history of the discovery of the ability of sildenafil to influence the power of erection. This substance was developed for the cardiovascular system. However, in the process of research on patients, it was found out that it exerts a noticeable effect on the sexual function of men and, only in case of sexual stimulation. Simply speaking, if a man who has taken even a small dose, experiences sexual arousal - he has a powerful erection. It was found that the substance promotes the release of NO, which, participating in biochemical reactions, leads to a strong relaxation of the smooth muscles of the vessels of the penis. As a result, cavernous bodies are effectively filled with blood, which, in fact, provides a stable and long lasting erection.
The drug has been repeatedly and thoroughly investigated. Its effectiveness is beyond doubt. The complexity of the application is associated with frequent side effects. Also, it is worth taking into account that the violation of sexual function is not always associated with a weak erection.
Applies in:
• Erectile dysfunction associated with a lack of satisfactory erection and inability to maintain it during sexual intercourse.
The drug Penegrs is released in the form of tablets with a dosage of 100 mg. Begin reception with an average dose (50 mg, half of a pill). The tablet is taken an hour before the sexual act, no more often than 1 time per day (in some cases, the frequency of reception is 1 time in two days). According to the results, the doctor can make a conclusion about the need to increase or decrease the amount of the drug. In case of kidney and / or liver diseases, a single dose of Penegra should not exceed 25 mg. Do not combine the use of the drug with the intake of fatty foods, alcohol. This can reduce the effectiveness of Penegra and increase the likelihood of undesirable effects.
Contraindicated in:
• Simultaneous intake of drugs from the group "nitrogen donators" (for example, cardiovascular drugs "nitrates", "nitrites"), alpha-adrenoblockers, inhibitor of HIV-1 and HIV-2 proteases;
• Severe hepatic dysfunction;
• Some violations of the exchange of sugars;
• Intolerance to sildenafil;
• Treatment of women and young people under the age of eighteen.
With care, you can use Penegra in:
• Propensities to bleeding (eg, peptic ulcer disease);
• Violations of the anatomy of the penis and a tendency to priapism (painful, continuous erection);
• Severe cardiovascular disease;
• Some diseases of the retina.
The most common use of Penegra is headaches. This is the most common complaint. Also, there may be:
• Transient impairment of vision and color perception;
• Hot flashes to the head and face, redness of the facial skin;
• Dizziness;
• Digestive disorders.
At occurrence of any undesirable effects, it is necessary to stop application of a medicine and to consult with the doctor for its adequate replacement.
Analogues of Penegra:
The most obvious analogue (more precisely, the original drug from this series) is Viagra. Less popular are Caverta, Kamagra and others. They differ not only in price. Often, patients note that, with the same active substance, the drugs still act on them differently. Accordingly, it is possible to select the agent that has the most favorable effect with minimal side effects.
In general, discussions on men's blogs devoted to the problems of potency, are reduced to comparing different drugs. First it is described what is more suitable: sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil (that is, Viagra, Cialis or Levitra). And then the effects of analogues of this or that original medicine are already discussed. As a rule, sildenafil attracts by force of its influence. It is more often taken by men whose sex life is not regular. In this regard, they are not so interested in the long-term effect of the tadalafil, but the confidence that "at the right moment everything will work without failures is extremely important."
From the analogues of Viagra Penegra can be called quite successful - it is produced according to high European standards. Here are some opinions:
- Penegra has proven itself. I am happy, and my wife. Moreover, it seems to me that it has some accumulative effect. Because, even if sex happened in "inopportune time" (did not take a pill), then it is still better than it was before.
- Penegra medication is a quality product. But I advise you not to forget about health - proper nutrition (fats violate sildenafil absorption!), Sport, regime. This combination gives the best result.
- I take Penegra. A good drug, of course, but it's too expensive for me. Now I use generics, efficiency is not less.
- No, Penegra is not good for me. My head was split every time I tried to use it. It is interesting that I did not have such a reaction to Viagra. Still, sex should be a pleasure, not an anguish.
We recommend that you do not choose these drugs yourself. Be sure to go to the doctor who will prescribe the most suitable medicine for you to restore your erection. A specialist will recommend you how to adjust your lifestyle to keep sexual activity as long as possible.

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