Difference between stress and depression?

Difference between stress and depression?
Emotional overloads are an integral part of everyday life of a modern person. A lot of problems are accumulating on us as unbearable loads, demanding immediate decisions. We must always be ready to solve problems. In addition, conflict situations throw us off balance, generating a lot of negative emotions. The consequence is internal psychological discomfort, which we are accustomed to call stress or depression. Modern people are prone to self-diagnosis but they do not know what these terms mean and have no idea how to tell these two concepts apart. In this article, we will describe the difference between stress and depression.
Let's start by talking about defining these concepts.
Stress is a reaction of the human body to negative emotions and stressful situations. Under the influence of this state the body begins to produce adrenaline, which forces to look for a way out of a critical situation. Stress in moderate amounts is even useful to humans, because they activate the mental processes and make our everyday life more interesting. However, a large number of such "stimuli" often becomes a cause of health problems. The fact is that in the first stage, the effect of stress mobilizes the adaptive capacity of the body. Then there is a stage of resistance to negative factors. But if we failed to overcome the destructive power of stress, there is a period of exhaustion. This is the initial stage of depression.
Depression is a mental disorder characterized by three main symptoms. First, it is deterioration in mood and loss of ability to enjoy life. Secondly — it becomes difficult to think due to the predominance of negative judgments and emotions. And, thirdly, motor retardation. Many people experiencing prolonged depression begin to abuse alcohol and other psychotropic substances. Every 10th person who is 40 and older suffers from this illness; two-thirds of these people are women. In general, depression is currently considered the most common mental disorder in the world. Often, it develops due to serious shocks, a negative situation. This may be the loss of a beloved person, career failure, social status, etc.
So what's the difference between stress and depression? Let's draw some conclusions from the above definitions. Stress is an organism's response to negative emotions. Its influence provokes a splash of adrenaline, mobilization of mental processes in order to find a way out of the situation. However, if the problem cannot be solved, the period of depletion of the organism comes to an end, and it becomes the initial stage of depression. The latter, in turn, leads to a decline in vitality, disruption of thinking and motor retardation. Thus, stress mobilizes the body, so that in moderate quantities it is even healthy for health. Depression, on the contrary, destroys human life and health, deprives people of vital forces, making them miserable and weak.
It is worth noting that stress has a short-term nature. That is, the processes of excitement provoked by the negative situation do not last long. Nevertheless, a person experiences stress three times longer than the problem itself. Typically, the duration of mild depression is an average of a couple of weeks. A truly traumatic situation provokes the emergence of apathy that lasts for several months or even years. So this is another difference between stress and depressive state. If an individual is often able to overcome the first condition, the second requires a third-party professional intervention. Sometimes help of the loved ones helps people to cure depression, in every way supporting the patient and help them to improve life. However, if all attempts to help are useless, t is necessary to contact a specialist for help. Consultations of the therapist along with taking medications give the opportunity to overcome the illness. These special medications are called antidepressants. Of course, they are very potent medications and should be prescribed by a professional. But they are widely available at many traditional drugstores and also online stores are cheaper, so many people prefer to purchase medications online.
Let's summarize what is the difference between being depressed and stress.
  • Normal and natural reaction of the organism to negative emotions
  • It provokes a splash of adrenaline, the mobilization of mental processes
  • Useful for health in moderate quantities
  • Has a short-term character
  • Most often people easily cope with it without professional help
  • Mental disorder
  • It is accompanied by a decline in vitality and thinking disorders
  • Makes a person weak, unhappy and the immune system weakness
  • It can lasts for many years, even decades
  • Often, it requires treatment and professional intervention

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