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Facial and body scars

It is believed that scars only emphasize men’s masculinity. But despite the existing opinion, scarring cannot beautify the male body, and even more so, the female body. Rather, on the contrary, their presence is perceived as defects in appearance and cause a number of complexes. Just imagine what the surface of the skin looks like with many post acne or post-operative "craters". Today, the problem of scarring is particularly acute, as it is relevant not only to their owners, but also to various branches of medicine, such as surgery, dermatology, and cosmetology. Therefore, the question is: "How to get rid of scarring?" 

Diuretics during pregnancy

Diuretics and pregnancy are these two concepts incompatible? Why take diuretics in pregnancy? What kind of diuretics during pregnancy can you use, without putting the baby into danger? This is one of the most pressing issues that future mothers face regularly. What is the answer to this question?  It should be noted that not all women understand why they need to take diuretics. Possible risks and side effects are frightening. And edemas are found so often that some consider this violation to be a peculiar variant of the norm. In fact, you do not need to go to extremes. There are no reasons to panic, but you can’t ignore the problem

Obsessive compulsive disorder

What is obsessive compulsive disorder? Anxiety in one degree or another is common to all people, and many of us often perform rituals of varying degrees of irrationality. These rituals are designed to insure us out of trouble, for example, don’t open an umbrella inside, knock on wood or put on a happy t-shirt for an important event. But sometimes this mechanism goes out of control, causing a serious mental disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Having trouble concentrating? Well, you’re not alone: more and more people complain of quick fatigue, distraction and inability to focus on an important task. This can be as a result of multitasking and information overloads, and the manifestation of a specific mental issue attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But usually the disorder is perceived by others and a sick person not as a serious illness, but as a manifestation of personal flaws. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder could be difficult to understand

Azelaic acid


Azelaic acid is a well-known and perhaps one of the best pharmaceutical ingredients for fighting acne (blackheads and whiteheads) and rosacea. This ingredient is a part of many cosmetic and medicinal products, for example, such as Azelex cream. This truly magical remedy improves aged skin, makes it softer, radiant and eliminates dull shade.

This truly magical remedy improves aged skin, makes it softer, radiant and eliminates dull shade.

Why do people have acne?
Stress, careerism, malnutrition, parasites ... Let's talk about the true causes of acne. Do you think pimples it’s a problem that only concerns teenagers? In fact, acne (this is how in professional language are called pimples) is a skin disease, which affects people all ages — from 14 to 60. Beauticians and health care professionals claim that the best weapon in the struggle with acne are not expensive creams and lotions, but knowledge. Where do they come from? Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin begin to work too actively and are clogged with excess fat and dead c..
Mental disorders

Mental disorders cause misery to billions of people in every corner of the planet and affect the lives of their families. Statistics say that every fourth individual at least ones in life has one or another mental disorder. In the whole world, the most important factor that leads to disability is depression. What is a mental disorder? How to deal with a mental illness?

Female hormones

How to always stay young and beautiful? How to not feel broken at the end of a work day and be desirable for your partner? The answer is simple and it lies in female hormones. Each of the hormones plays its role in the organism. Under the influence of external stimuli, we do not pay sufficient attention to some hormones and even consciously or unconsciously interfere with the actions of others hormones

Can I become addicted to ED pills?

Do the ED pills cause addiction? Erectile dysfunction has been a new epidemic disease for several decades on the planet. And every year this problem concerns a larger number of men. In this case, most of them believe that the most effective way to solve this problem is to take a sexual stimulant, for example Viagra, as the most popular medicine among all drugs that increase potency. There are dozens of such medications, most of them are effective and affordable. Actually, this is a justified step. However, every man who is forced to take medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, sooner or later asks himself the question "Are they addictive?"

Can I take antibiotics during pregnancy?

Antibiotics during pregnancy — this is a topic that causes a lot of controversy. That’s an extremely ambiguous issue, since of course no one in our life is immune from illness. Let's take a look at the details, there are antibiotics that are not dangerous to the future moms but there are also cases when they cannot be administered in this time of life categorically. 

Gonorrhea treatment

Is it possible to treat gonorrhea with pills? This question arises in many people, for the first time faced with the disease. Immediately calm down, the answer is unambiguous - yes. It is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease that is transmitted sexually. It affects both men and women. If the gonorrhea is cured in time, complications can be prevented. It is caused by a bacterium called gonococcus. The disease is curable, even if it occurs with complications. But the bacterium reduces the mobility of spermatozoa and reduces the possibility of fertilization. Therefore, timely treatment is extremely important. In time, the selected drugs against gonorrhea will not allow the development of concomitant diseases, such as prostatitis and epididymitis. If you suspect gonorrhea, a person should contact the venerologist as soon as possible, who can correctly diagnose.

Why are generic drugs cheaper?
To date, many know that it is very expensive to get sick. Big prices for pharmaceuticals of various imported drugs are not affordable for everyone. That's why many are interested in substitutes. These are cheap analogues of expensive medicines, which are called generics. However, the questions are why some are more expensive and why are generic drugs cheaper for the whole population.
The fact is that the search for a unique formula that is able to fight a particular type of disease is a lot of resources, including financial ones. Then you need to spend a certain amount of time and money to produce the drug. Before releasing drugs for sale, the company patents it. The cost of a patent is very expensive, which explains the high cost of new drugs. But the company also tries to reimburse itself for the development of those drugs that have not passed the test at the expense of high prices, and also those that passed because this process is also difficult and necessary to determine all possible side effects.  To conduct preclinical studies, numerous tests are used at a wide variety of biological levels-molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, and organism. The experiments are carried out both in vitro and in vivo (on living cells, organisms).
About Panadol
Panadol is an effective antipyretic and analgesic drug. It helps to reduce the severity of the febrile reaction and relieve the pain of a different origin and localization. It is categorically contraindicated in individuals with individual hypersensitivity to Paracetamol or ancillary drug ingredients. Among the relative Panadol contraindications are:
Diabetes mellitus (for syrup);
Functional liver failure (including viral hepatitis and alcohol damage);
Kidney failure;
Hyperbilirubinemia (benign);
Pathology of the organs of the hematopoiesis system;
Infant age (first 3 months of life).
Sex after a heart attack

It is not surprising that people who have had heart surgery are concerned about the question of their intimate life, sex after a heart attack, whether the concepts of "sex" and "sick heart" are compatible. Cardiologists give an unambiguous answer - most of their patients can enjoy an intimate life not only after such diagnosis but even after a massive heart attack. Many patients easily climb to the second floor, but are careful not to have intimacy with their partners, because they are sure, this will cause them a heart attack or even a sudden death. 

What is Viagra Soft?

Are you already completely tired of wasting your finances for a wide variety of trainings? Do you want a quick, and above all a qualitative result? You constantly think about the question of why some men can be wonderful lovers, but you cannot do it? Want a little more than a usual and boring five-minute affinity? Open up new horizons for yourself? To make all the sexual fantasies and dreams come true? Then Viagra Soft is your salvation in this situation. Undoubtedly, every member of the stronger sex wants to be strong not only physically, but also sexually, with an eternal potency. Any man wants to make love exactly as much as he wants. And such pleasure will be received by both partners.